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                        PUT One-component Modified Asphalt Waterproofing Elastic Emulsion

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                        Product profile

                        It is a special polymer elastic waterproof coating whose raw material is based on bitumen, modified by rubber polymer.


                        Feature & Application

                        It has excellent elasticity, aging resistance, shearing resistance, chemical resistance, crack resistance, good adaptation to temperature change and structural distortion.

                        It is applied to roofs, outside and inside walls of underground structure, washroom, bathroom, reservoir, highway, bridge, tunnel, etc.


                        Referential Dosage

                        1.2mm: 2-2.5kg/m2

                        1.5mm: 3-3.5kg/m2

                        2.0mm: 4-4.5kg/m2


                        Stir evenly before using, avoiding rain before totally dry; walking on the waterproof layer is forbidden before totally solidified; avoid sharp things to damage the layer; not apply when the temperature is below 5℃; seal the unspent closely.