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                        Root resistant SBS modified asphalt Waterproofing Membrane

                        Time:2019/7/19 16:19:43     Click Num:941

                        Product profile

                        Root resistant SBS modified membrane for planted roof: SBS modified asphalt should meet all the requirements of GB 18242 elastic modified asphalt membrane type Ⅱ. During the oxidation process, environmental-friendly root retarder is added and evenly spread on modified asphalt layer. When reaching the asphalt layer, roots will biochemically react with root retarder, then be keratinized and grow parallelly along the membrane, to protect waterproofing layer from being penetrated by roots.  

                        Features & application

                        Preventing waterproofing layer from being penetrated by roots and keeping waterproofing property;

                        Applied to waterproofing projects like planted roofing system, basement waterproofing, etc.