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                        Congratulations on New Sanya wining the award of “China Top Ten construction Waterproofing Innovation Technology”

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                        On September 3, the 2nd Building Waterproof Technology Innovation Conferencejointly organized by China Building Waterproofing magazine, China Institute of Building Materials Science Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute and China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group was held in Suzhou. New Sanya company won the Top Ten Innovation Awards for China Building Waterproofing.


                        The theme of this conference is The future is coming, change always changes; technology is power, innovation makes difference, focusing on the future of the industry and is committed to innovation and change. At the meeting, the China Construction Waterproof Industry Discipline Status and Development Suggestionsreport was released for the first time. The first youth editorial committee of "China Building Waterproofing" magazine was established, and the industry youth expert forum was held for the first time. Many scholars and experts have made public speeches for the first time in the industry. Tsinghua University, professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology Yang Wantai, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, director of Southeast University Academic Committee, doctoral tutor Yan Changwen, vice president of China Building Waterproof Association, president of Shenzhen Waterproof Industry Association, Yan Peihua, China Building Materials Science Research Institute Su Wenge, Dean of Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute, Executive Director and Editor-in-Chief of China Building Waterproof Magazine Xu Jianyue, nearly 300 industry experts, community leaders, entrepreneurs, industry professionals and related media attended the meeting.

                        The conference focused on the scientific and technological innovation achievements in the field of building waterproofing industry, revealing the trend of industrial technology and management innovation, exploring the latest technological achievements of the industry, and encouraging waterproof enterprises to increase investment in science and technology and transformation. The High Durability SBS Modified Bitumen Waterproof Membraneannounced by New Sanye Technology won the Top Ten Innovations in Building Waterproofingaward in China, highlighting the scientific and technological strength of New Sanya Technology in the field of waterproofing, fully reflecting recognition and trust from industry experts and industry similar company.

                        As a group-oriented and professional integrated waterproof enterprise, New Sanya Technology always adheres to the core concept of innovation is the source of enterprise development, culture is the vitality of enterprise development, strengthens scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, and establishes China Building Materials Research Institute (R&D and Application Center of Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute),  has become the pilot base for waterproof materials construction of Sichuan Building Materials Industry Research Institute. The self-developed NBAC adhesive waterproofing membrane and PUT self-healing asphalt waterproof coating have obtained national patents. .

                        In the future, New Sanya Technology will continue to take technological innovation and management innovation as the forerunner, focus on product quality improvement, innovation and excellence, strive for greater breakthroughs, and make greater contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the building waterproofing industry.