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                        • 2019

                          In March 2019, New Sanya attended 2018 annual conference of Sichuan Building Waterproof Industry.

                        • 2019

                          In January 2019, New Sanya held appreciation banquet for all dealers.

                        • 2018

                          In July 2018, New Sanya signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Suzhou Waterproof Materials Research Institute of China Building Materials Research Institue.

                        • 2017

                          In June 2017, New Sanya’s products were identified green building materials by Sichuan Province.

                        • 2017

                          In April 2017, New Sanyan was certificated by ISO9001-2015.

                        • 2016

                          In September 2016, the research and application center cooperated by New Sanya and Suzhou waterproof branch of China Building Materials Scientific Research Institute was set up.

                        • 2016

                          In July 2016, Jiangsu New Sanya Building Materials Technology was invested and established.

                        • 2016

                          In April 2016, root resistant waterproof membrane was tested in Beijing and was fully in line with national standards.

                        • 2013

                          In November 2013, New Sanya’s new patented product NBAC waterproof membrane was published, which was called “Bonding Master in Water”.

                        • 2013

                          In March 2013, New Sanya was awarded as “AAA Unit” by China Building Waterproof Association.

                        • 2012

                          In August 2012, Building Waterproof Materials Pilot Test Base cooperated with Sichuan Province Building Materials Industry Research Institute was located at Qionglai production base.

                        • 2011

                          In May 2011, New Sanya’s patented product PUT was published.

                        • 2010

                          In May 2010, the corporate brands “XINQIYU” and “YUNYU” were awarded as famous trademark in Sichuan.

                          In December, New Sanya won the sixth standing director unit of China Building Waterproof Association.

                        • 2010

                          In March 2010, New Sanya was chosen as the creditable unit with keeping promise by the municipal government.

                        • 2010

                          In February 2010, Sichuan New Sanya Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd was found.

                        • 2005

                          In March 2005, Chengdu Yunyu Waterproof Building Materials Factory was found.

                        • 2004

                          In April 2004, Sichuan Shurui Waterproof Engineering Co.,Ltd was found.

                        • 2003

                          In March 2003, Sanyan Building Materials Factory was open in Jinniu District, Chengdu.